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The month of August, is considered the Month of Our lady Virgin Mary, by Greeks all over the world. Almost the whole month is dedicated to various celebrations, both in Greece and abroad for the Dormition of Virgin Mary. At the same time, August brings to memory a series of other events, such as the sinking of the Greek vessel "Elli" by the Italians during WW2, in the harbour of the Tinos Island, the island dedicated almost exclusively for worshiping the Mother of Jesus.


The 15th of August is considered one of the major celebrations of Christianity and the faithful commence their preparations from the first day of the month by fasting and preying for 15 days, until the holy day of 15th of August widely known as "Dekapentavgoustos". Greeks in general, display an immense respect in the memory of Virgin Mary, because of a strong connection of her motherhood and the birth of Jesus Christ, with every mother in the land. This connection is very significant in the eyes of the faithful.

panagiaWhilst the island of Tinos has been traditionally, the place of worship for Virgin Mary, one will find widespread celebration in all parts of Greece. While they are so many to mention, it is important to indicate that every part of Greece may have different adjective to describe and pay tribute to the memory of Virgin Mary. There could be more than 30 adjectives associated with the celebrations of Virgin Mary depending on the part of Greece where the celebrations take place.

giortipanagiasIt is said that Virgin Mary fell to eternal sleep on August 15th, hence She did not die, only slept.

This interpretation explains further the reason for the celebrations, since Virgin Mary did not die, but only fell into eternal sleep.


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